Banana, rice and veggies in Sate sauce by @leifczakai

natural cooking brick recipe bricknic


    • Soak the top of the cooking brick in water, because we want the steaming effect. (soak the banana pot as well)
      • Prepare the green beens with slices of onion and thin stripes of red pepper in the bottom part of the brick. Add a tiny bit of oil and some salt and pepper. I like it a bit peppery. Hot spices can also fit really well here.
        • Steam your cooking banana how it works best for you. I really think the roemertopf banana is fun to use. The cooking brick is also working perfectly to steam of course. You can also add it to the beans if you like to mix it up.
          • Now put everything in the oven, at 230°, and start cooking some plane rice.
            • After roughly 20 minutes I took out the cooking brick shortly and added some satésaus on top of the beans.
              • Leave it again in the oven for another 20 minutes maximum. It mighy be ready even earlyer, but I just left it for that long. Easy.
                • By that time the rice is ready, cooking brick is ready and the steamed banana is ready long time. I really like to serve the rice in the top part of the cooking brick that containes the beans. Now I can add the beans and the banana to the rice just how I like it, it looks good and I don't have extra dishes. Tadaa!

                Of course this is inspired by East African food culture, thanks to the people who introduced me. If you like banana and satésauce (or g-nuts, Sim Sim, etc) just as I do, then this is a celebration to eat.

                natural cooking brick recipe bricknic

                go bananas!

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