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Take a brick,
fill it with food,
build an oven,
enjoy together!
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Everyone fills a hollow brick with various raw ingredients. When ready, we come together to build a temporary oven by stacking all the bricks around the fire. Like in traditional brick firing, each single brick is essential as it forms part of the structure and helps retain the heat of the oven. Once the food is ready, the oven is dismantled and we eat together. One brick alone can't do much, but together we can build anything. Join the Bricknic, let’s build and eat!

— A communal space to gather and eat has always been a basic necessity of mankind. We strive to create a network of like-minded people that can come together to build and eat anytime.

The Bricknic is a project originated from a trio of designers: Leif Czakai, Timm Donke and Nathan Fordy.
Their respective experiences with a village community lifestyle in the French Pyrénées and the artisanal process of brick-making in Uganda and Tanzania inspired them to create a gathering celebrating community and good food.

In the search for quality production, a collaboration with the Römertopf company brought this idea to life.
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